[Bai Xian Food] Introduction of squid products with the largest catch in the world [Recommended collection]


According to the analysis of the world's authoritative fishery experts, the total reserves of cephalopod resources in the global ocean are 50 million tons to 100 million tons, and the global annual catch is about 3.6 million tons, of which about 70% are squid. Today we will introduce the squid products with the largest catch in the world in detail:

Argentine squid

Argentine squid, also known as Argentine squid, English name: Argentine shortfin squid, Latin name: Illex argentinus, is a squid with a relatively large catch at present, and a squid product that is familiar in our country.

The body shape is conical, the rear is obviously thin and narrow, the length of the carcass is about 4 times the width of the carcass, the widest part is located in the middle of the coat, the coat is muscular, and the body surface has nearly circular pigment spots of varying sizes. According to the spawning time, growth rate and the temporal and spatial distribution of larvae, it can be divided into four spawning groups in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The spawning period runs throughout the year, with the peak in winter (May-August). According to body size, carcass length at maturity and the spatiotemporal distribution of spawning grounds, it can be divided into four groups: southern Patagonia population, Buenos Aires-Northern Patagonia population, Summer spawning colonies and spring spawning colonies.