The "Joining Putuo" Swimming Series Challenge and the "New Golden Ring Cup" PTSA Summer Swimming League Finals kicked off today in the swimming pool of Putuo Sports Center.


In 2021, guided by the relevant documents of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government and the Provincial Ocean and Fisheries Bureau, the association will actively cater to the new situation of fishery development, firmly grasp the new development and new opportunities, be based on reality, keep upright and innovate, and adhere to the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability. The keynote is to effectively promote the high-quality development of fishery in our province.

Ocean-going fishing vessel insurance coverage hits record high

In order to promote the province's fishery insurance "expansion, product addition, and standard improvement" and achieve high-quality development of fishery mutual insurance, as of the third quarter, the association continued to guide fishing boats, fishermen and workers through financial subsidies and various preferential policies. preservation. While steadily improving the level of risk protection for fishing boats and fishermen, efforts were made to improve the quality of fishery services, the establishment of the "Deep-water Fishery Mutual Insurance Service Group", and the establishment of "Service Specialists" to strengthen communication and exchanges with distant-water fishery enterprises, improve service levels, and at the same time The association provides life jackets for all newly-built ocean-going fishing vessels (less than 1 year old) insured by our association. The number of life jackets shall be 50% of the number of people approved on the ship inspection certificate. In principle, the model will be based on the actual situation of ocean-going enterprises Purchasing on demand. As of the first three quarters, a total of 6,762 fishing boats and 59,016 fishermen were insured in the province. The insurance coverage rate of fishing boats over 12 meters and onboard fishermen was over 90%, and the insurance coverage rate of ocean-going fishing vessels operating at sea was over 80%. The risk protection amounted to 70 billion yuan. The insurance coverage rate of ocean-going fishing vessels operating at sea hit a record high.

(Text/Zhuang Qingsi)

The pilot work of aquaculture bioinsurance in inland areas in 2021 was successfully completed

In order to speed up the promotion of "increase products, expand coverage, and raise standards" of policy-based aquaculture insurance and fill the blind spots of risk protection for aquaculture in the inland areas of our province, the association will hold new types of insurance policies in Qingliu County, Shanghang County and Pucheng County in 2021. The insurance promotion conference officially launched the pilot work of aquaculture biological insurance in inland areas with the meteorological disaster of "high temperature + heavy rain" as the reference standard for compensation of aquatic losses, making policy-based aquaculture index insurance cover the inland areas of our province for the first time. The launch of the new insurance has enabled inland aquaculture farmers to enjoy the government's policy of benefiting the people as in the coastal areas, and has been widely welcomed by farmers. As of October 31, the association has accumulatively provided 26 aquaculture farmers who triggered high temperature insurance and heavy rain insurance. The quick claim settlement amounted to RMB 140,500, and the pilot work this year was successfully completed. In the next step, the association will adjust insurance plans, optimize insurance terms, and add new pilot areas on the basis of summarizing the pilot experience, so as to provide more inland aquaculture farmers with reliable risk protection.

(Text/Yang Lei)

Fuzhou: Signing membership fees exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time

This year, the Fuzhou Office has made great efforts to promote the relevant requirements of the fishery insurance documents of “expansion, product addition, and bid improvement”, to further improve the level of fishery risk protection, and continue to steadily promote the development of mutual insurance. As of the third quarter, Fuzhou's fishery mutual insurance signing membership fee was about 103 million yuan, and the fishery risk insurance fund was 18.758 billion yuan, breaking the 100 million yuan mark for the first time, a year-on-year increase of 72.97%.

(Text/Su Kexiang)

Quanzhou: As of the third quarter, an increase of 5.81 million yuan over last year

As of the third quarter, Quanzhou underwritten a total of 72.5206 million yuan, an increase of 5.8179 million yuan over last year. A few days ago, the Quanzhou office held a regular work meeting in October to exchange and analyze the work progress of the office and sales department, and to discuss and deploy the key tasks in the next stage.

(Text/Liu Yahui)

Hui'an: The number of premium tasks exceeded in advance

Since 2021, the Hui'an County Office has taken multiple measures to steadily promote the work of mutual insurance in fisheries. As of October 15, a total of 387 fishing boats (including 244 vessels above 12 meters and 143 vessels below 12 meters) and 2,351 fishing workers have been underwritten, with a signed insurance premium of 8.2278 million yuan, exceeding the target task by 105.69%.

(Text / Huang Yunyan)

Longhai: Solid and effective promotion of the underwriting industry

The Longhai District Office strictly implements the requirements of “expansion, product addition, and bid improvement” for fishery insurance, and solidly and effectively promotes the work of underwriting and developing the industry. As of the third quarter, the fishery mutual insurance work in Longhai District has three major points: First, the traditional fishing boats and fishermen signed a membership fee of 12.2469 million yuan, an increase of 1.75% year-on-year; second, the aquaculture typhoon index insurance signed a membership fee of 615,600 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.1044 million yuan ,%, a record high; third, the first single township fishermen's insurance in Zhangzhou area landed in Longhai, becoming the first fishery mutual insurance agency in Zhangzhou area to issue a bill for this business.

(Text/He Xiaomin)