[Bai Xian Food] Those Real Creatures That Look Super Fantastic


The egg jellyfish (scientific name: Cotylorhiza tuberculata) is a marine organism of the order Root-mouth jellyfish. There is also a name "Medusa" which is the same name as the banshee in Greek mythology. The jellyfish are larger in size, the diameter of the umbrella body is generally 35 cm, and the maximum can reach 50 cm. The umbrella is disc-shaped. Due to the color of the gonads or other gastric sacs in the body, the body has a golden red or orange-red color with a central bulge in the transparent. It looks so delicious and attractive, just like freshly fried Poached eggs.

The main stages of life history are monomeric, jellyfish-type, and the polyp-type stage is underdeveloped. Larger body size, no limbal membrane; complex gastric circulation cavity, well-developed radiative ducts, gastric filaments originating from endoderm, and stinging cells on gastric filaments; germ cells originating from endoderm, with well-developed neurosensory, concentrated to form 8 sensory organs .

They are used to living in the sea. The weapons of jellyfish are harpoon-like tentacles. When they touch their prey, they will shoot the venom of the stinging cells on the tentacles to hunt their prey. Similar in shape to a boiled egg, it is the most common jellyfish in the Mediterranean and is also found in the Aegean and Adriatic Seas.

Do you feel hungry? But jellyfish are poisonous and cannot be eaten...

2 Ghost Shark

The ghost shark belongs to the subclass of the whole head subclass, the silver shark, and is an aquatic creature named after a combination of various animal characteristics. Silver sharks are still known as "living fossils". Silver sharks are silver-grey or dark brown. Mainly distributed in the tropical and temperate deep-sea areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, usually living on the bottom of the deep sea. Sea creatures are distant relatives of modern sharks, with ghost sharks splitting from their closest relatives, the shark family, some 400 million years ago.

The ghost shark is black and purple and has a very strange shape. Darker and weirder-looking than all sharks we know of.

In order to find prey in the dark deep sea, the ghost shark has evolved sensitive receptors on its head, and there are organs on its face that are responsible for capturing the changes in the electric field of other animals for predation. The silver shark is a cartilaginous fish separated from the ancestors of the shark. It is also known as a "living fossil". It has no bones and is composed of cartilage.