Company Profile

We are an international enterprise focusing on ocean fishing, processing and manufacturing, cold chain storage and domestic and foreign sales. The general management office is established in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, specializing in the marketing of various aquatic products and prepared foods. The current business layout can effectively carry out the vertical integration of the industry and enhance the overall competitiveness. Since its establishment, it has been striving to create its own brand, actively invest in the research and development of catering ingredients and products, and strive to build a marketing base and channel at home and abroad.

The company has been strengthening food safety management and various international certifications: such as HACCP certification, HALA certification, MSC certification, etc. exported to the United States, and has completed the registration of exports to the European Union, Russia and Brazil. Comprehensively broaden product access channels and meet diversified international needs. At this stage, our marketing bases are all over the world, and there are more than 300 kinds of products sold. The average annual sales volume can reach more than 50,000 tons.

The company's total storage capacity can be more than 25,000 tons. In addition, it adopts RFID intelligent storage management system, full shelf storage management and professional tally services to provide customers with the best service platform for cold chain management. Bonded low-temperature storage business, in order to facilitate domestic and foreign customers to expand the market business and achieve high-efficiency management of goods in and out of the whole process, to meet the management needs of modern enterprises.

We uphold the goal of honest management, professional management, and service-oriented, and gradually move towards the goal of an international food supplier.