~ Welcome dealers all over the country to consult and discuss cooperation ~

The products currently on sale are:

Various aquatic products such as squid, saury, mackerel, shrimp and crab;

All kinds of frozen prepared food, hot pot ingredients, and all kinds of baked pastry food, etc.

We uphold the spirit and business goals of professional management, quality first, service first and honest management.

Further progress towards the goal of an international professional food material supplier.


~ Welcome all walks of life to work with us to promote the development of various catering ingredients ~

We have the production and processing technology of all kinds of frozen aquatic products, prepared food, hot pot ingredients, exquisite cakes and prefabricated cooked food, etc.

It can provide various channels and chain-selling catering, super-commercial system operators, all-round and long-term production and sales cooperation.


The following services are currently available:

1. Product development

2. Professional OEM production

3. Central kitchen operation management

4. Commodity cold chain logistics management, etc.

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