The rules are engraved in the heart, and the fishing trip is safe - the association actively carries out safety production law learning and publicity activities


Bearing in mind safe production, responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai. In order to further promote the implementation of the awareness of safe production in the fishing areas of our province, and better implement the requirements of the newly revised "Safety Production Law" into the fishery mutual insurance work, the association has recently organized fishery mutual insurance institutions at all levels to carry out The new "Safety Production Law" study and publicity activities, to publicize and popularize the newly revised "Safety Production Law" to the fishermen and popularize the revised background, general requirements, ten highlights and significance of fishery production safety work in the new era.


A few days ago, the Fuzhou Office participated in a special training on the newly revised "Safety Production Law". Taking this learning and training as an opportunity, the office continuously enhances its own awareness of safety risk management and control, earnestly fulfills the requirements of the newly revised "Safety Production Law", strengthens the role of fishermen in the work of fishery safety production, and makes new revisions The publicity work of the "Safety Production Law" ensures that the fishery safety management is implemented carefully, firmly guards the line of defense of safe production, and promotes the work of safe production in fishing areas to a new level.


On October 18th, the staff of the Putian City Office walked into Dongjia Village, Licheng District, and carried out a campaign to publicize the newly revised "Safety Production Law" by entering the village and households. The staff of the office mainly publicize the fishermen through the new version of the safety production law on safety production obligations, fishing according to law, legal operations, etc. Fishing boat safety navigation self-inspection table composed of safety hazards collected in the During the promotion, a fishing boat in Licheng District took the initiative to renew the insurance, so that Licheng District fully completed the 2021 annual underwriting task.